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Learn the truth about Jim Patterson


The 5th District incumbent county supervisor, Jim Patterson, is courteous, hard working, and well liked. He’s a known quantity because voters can judge him by his first term.
   According to common political practice, the most effective way to defeat a popular incumbent is to cast him in a negative light. Question his honesty. The more outrageous the rumor, the better.
   As a Patterson supporter, I’ve been asked questions about Jim during this campaign that were based purely on false rumor. I’m concerned that there are a lot of other false rumors circulating about him, and I’m frustrated that there is no way to even know what’s being said, let alone give an honest response.
   If people want to check the facts about Jim, including things they have heard as rumors, I urge them to check out his website at www.WinWithJim.org, phone his campaign headquarters at 462-9482, or e-mail his campaign at info@WinWithJim.org.
   Make no mistake, there is big money riding on the outcome of the June supervisorial election, and unseating Jim Patterson is a major objective of those who could make the big money. I hope voters go to the trouble to get answers. This supervisorial election is too important not to.

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