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Leave out the insults against cyclists



I am a cyclist in my 80s, and I resent being painted with the same brush as H.L. Mounger describes bike riders (“Bicycles are taking over!” March 12). Although I do not disagree with some of the points he raises, I and my fellow riders who are members of the SLO bike club adhere to the already-in-place laws that bicycles have all the rights and responsibilities of motor vehicles. Perhaps (Mr./Mrs./Ms.?) Mounger’s anger at just about everyone would be assuaged if law enforcement would be more active in ticketing the scofflaw cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists.

It appears that he/she is misinformed, as are many cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians, about the laws governing cycling. So, as with many problems in today’s society, we need to address and find solutions without wild harangues and insults.

-- Bob Young - Grover Beach

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