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Leave us eucalyptus lovers alone

Los Osos



After watching 35 minutes of the Pasadena Rose Parade, I saw that at least four of the floats featured the leaves of several different eucalyptus trees.

This is directed toward all the euc haters in California:

Don’t turn our coastal lands and inland empires into wind tunnels with blowing dust and erosion.

Don’t destroy the habitat for many species of raptor and monarch butterflies.

Don’t destroy beautiful coves along our coasts and lovely oases of trees amongst the hills and valleys where people take shade from the noonday sun in a beautiful area.

These trees have been here for more than 300 years, brought from the friendly nation of Australia to fill the gaping hole left by the native oak, which was decimated early on in the history of California to build homes.

These eucalyptus are self sustaining. We will never be without wood to build houses (as long as they are allowed to mature and not used green), warm houses with lovely smelling aromas from a crackling fire, oils to use in medicines for us and on our pets—the list goes on and on.

Put your negative energies into something productive, you people who want to do nothing but destroy.

Los Osos, without our giant trees, will be the lesser for it.

Sweet Springs will be an eyesore without them.

We have lived in a eucalyptus forest for 12 years now, and each morning we are greeted by gardens of beautiful plants and flowers, green grass, many other varieties of trees, many species of birds, butterflies, and animals, all because of our glorious eucalyptus trees.

I am angry that our little town would be made ugly because of the interference of people who don’t have anything positive to do in life, and don’t even live in Los Osos!

Go destroy someone else’s town and state. Leave us and our trees alone.

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