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Legalize marriage for gay partners

Awakening Interfaith Spiritual Community



As people of faith, we reaffirm our belief in the sacred worth and dignity of every human being. We know that some individuals choose to enter into loving, committed, covenantal relationships with another individual. We, as a community of faith, bless these covenants as marriages, inclusive of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.

When marriages for same-sex couples became legal last summer in the state of California, we and many other faith communities commemorated these unions as communal celebrations. When the passage of Proposition 8 eliminated the right of same-sex couples to marry, we were sad, angry, and disappointed that the marriages we had just celebrated were called into question, and that thousands of others would be robbed of the freedom to marry.

We applaud the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the 18,000 marriages for same-sex couples performed last summer. However, we denounce the discriminatory language that is allowed to stay in the state constitution as harmful to the emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being of gay and lesbian families, and all Californians. We call for the elimination of article 1.7.5, which limits marriage to opposite-sex couples. We pray for a peaceful solution that will ensure equality and justice for all. We commit to the continuing education of Californians about marriage equality and offer emotional and spiritual support to gays and lesbians, who have suffered a temporary loss. We believe in the human capacity for resiliency, and the healing that community can offer. May peace begin with each and every single one of us.
As we work toward a country that values all its citizens, and a world where human diversity is celebrated, may we continue to take seriously our call to justice by speaking our truth to power. May we continue to practice compassion by always standing on the side of love.

Rev. Susan Brecht,
Community Church of Atascadero

Rev. Helen Carroll,
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship,
San Luis Obispo

Rev. Matthew Conrad,
St Luke’s Episcopal Church,

Rev. Bob Crouch,
Community Presbyterian Church,
Pismo Beach

Rev. Don Dallman,
Retired Lutheran Pastor

Rev. Caroline Hall,
St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church,
Los Osos

Rev. Faye Hogan,
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church,
Santa Maria

Rev. Mary Elizabeth Pratt-Horsley,
 St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church,
Los Osos

Rev. Steve Islander,
Estero Bay United Methodist Church,
Morro Bay

Rev. Harriet Linville,
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church,
Morro Bay

Rev. Brian McHugh,
St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church,
San Luis Obispo

Rev. Curt Miner,
Congregational Church,
San Luis Obispo

Rev Jim Neilson,
Retired Presbyterian Pastor

Rev. Mark Richardson,
Trinity United Methodist Church,
 Los Osos

Rev. Barry Turner,
St. Stephens Episcopal Church,
San Luis Obispo

Rev. Paul Valentiner,
Retired Lutheran Pastor,
Community Church of Atascadero

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