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Lenox Hill



What's it rated? TV-MA

When? 2020

Where's it showing? Netflix

Netflix's new series follows four doctors at New York City's renowned Lenox Hill Hospital—two are neurosurgeons who take on the tough cases that have been turned away elsewhere, one is an emergency room physician, and the fourth is a chief resident OB-GYN, the latter of whom are both preparing for the births of their children. It's medical drama meets reality, and unlike ER or Grey's Anatomy, the stakes here are real.

Released in eight episodes with a special ninth added addressing the pandemic, we follow the doctors through not just their cases but their personal and professional lives: securing funds for research and equipment, improving patient outcomes, and connecting with the people entrusting them with their lives. Anyone who loves medical dramas will love this real-life version. (nine 48- to 53-min. episodes) Δ


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