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Let our kids continue to breathe free

San Luis Obispo



I just wanted you to know what I’ve been very interested in stopping. I want to change the negative consequences if Measure H does not pass. We have a beautiful sports field with clean air. I want to keep it that way.

Since I (and we) have children who play a tough sport on the Damon-Garcia Sports Fields, I want to prevent the possibility of destroying their right to breathe clean air.

Measure H will prevent the four-lane truck highway along the boundary of the sports fields directly downwind, and a new signal at Broad, where trucks will idle and accelerate.

There is an incredible alternative route already existing: a two-lane Tank Farm Road easily increased to four lanes. This would keep the toxins from contaminating our children’s play area.

At a recent rugby tournament using the Damon-Garcia Sports Fields, a participant expressed his great joy in these fields, saying they are known as the favorite in the state. This brings a lot of tourist dollars and business to our city.

Please see the local video on asthma at voteyesonmeasureh.com. You have a choice of a three-minute or 10-minute version. It’s great, and says it all!

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