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Let SLO keep its roads; vote no on H

San Luis Obispo



We are being urged to vote yes on Measure H so that Prado Road won’t be built next to a field where children play youth soccer. That sounds right, doesn’t it? We shouldn’t allow polluting, traffic-ridden roads anywhere near where our young people exercise.

So if Measure H passes and Prado Road isn’t built, what are we going to put to a vote next time around? Broad Street runs next to the other side of the soccer field—let’s shut it down. San Luis Drive runs next to the SLO High School fields—shouldn’t we tear that one up, too? Los Osos Valley Road passes mere feet from Laguna Middle School’s fields and the Laguna Lake golf course. Shouldn’t that one have to go, too? Madonna Road runs right next to people fishing and playing disc golf at Laguna Lake Park—how about we get rid of that one while we’re at it?

Come to think of it, kids walk and bike on every road in the city. I guess they’ll all have to go. If you’re for tearing up the city’s road system, Measure H is for you. I think I’ll take my chances and allow the city to keep its roads. I’m voting no on H.

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