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Let the Atascadero elections go forward



Atascadero is having a meaningful City Council election for a change. We have six creditable candidates running for three council seats. I thank them all for taking this challenge.

Three incumbents are backed by A Better Atascadero (ABA) and their war chest. Three challengers are on their own. They hope their passion for Atascadero’s well-being, citizen personal contact, life’s experience, and limited funds will be enough to get their message across. Our city’s voting public is the winner. They now can evaluate different concepts on how to improve our city physically and financially. Voters can then chose three to serve them on the council.

Citizens ask me why there are so many failed business and vacant buildings in Atascadero. Why is there a tent on prime property in our downtown? Why isn’t Colony Square being built? What’s going on at Del Rio and what will cost our city? When will the Carlton bar and restaurant open? These questions and many others will be vetted soon by the candidates.

ABA can’t legally put funds directly into candidates’ accounts. ABA can and does pay for expensive radio ads and mass mail-outs supporting their candidates. Political PACs (ABA) do not disclose where their monies come from.

ABA has put together a powerful machine. Only ABA candidates have won council seats the last three elections. ABA dominance has suppressed talented citizens from running for council. Has this good thing gone too far? You be the judge.

-- Jerry Clay - Atascadero

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