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Let them eat cake



Some of us don’t need silly and frivolous excuses to stuff our faces full of deliciously carb-laden goodies. If you’re not such a person and need a little more convincing to eat so sinfully, here’s your chance.

March 1 is Purple Cake Day, a day when kids (and adults) get to laugh in the face of the food pyramid with reckless abandon, in the name of charity. Purple Cake Day was a day created in New Zealand in 2011, and is about to celebrate its first year here in SLO County.

Former U.N. aid worker Emily Sanson-Rejouis created Purple Cake Day to celebrate the memory of her two young daughters and her husband, who were killed in the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Driven by her eldest daughter Kofie-Jade’s desire to help others less fortunate, and her second youngest daughter Zenzie’s desire to have two purple birthday cakes, Sanson-Rejouis created Purple Cake Day to teach children the importance of giving.

So on March 1, the San Luis Obispo Farmers’ Market will be host to a bevy of purple cupcakes, cakes, and goodies with the proceeds benefiting this year’s country of focus: Nepal.

This event will also be taking place at the SLO County Children’s Museum, YMCA after-school programs, the SLO library, several schools in San Luis Obispo County, and Grandmother’s House Children’s Center.

Purple Cake Day was brought to San Luis Obispo through the efforts of Dr. Natasha Raja Varley and Cal Poly lecturer and author Kim Lisagor.

Kids will be wearing purple to school, playing games, and decorating their classrooms.

The proceeds from the baked goods will go to fund educational projects in Nepal, as well as Haiti, through Purple Cake Day’s umbrella organization, the Kenbe La Foundation.

From 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on March 1, think purple and head down to the market to buy some delicious and philanthropic treats. For more info, e-mail∆


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