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Let them vent

Los Osos



I’ve often wondered why editors of newspapers and magazines choose to print some utterly stupid letters from very stupid people who have nothing of value to share whatsoever. Providing a forum for free expression on a variety of topics while honoring many different points of view is commendable, but what purpose is served by publishing such rancid tripe like the missive from Constantino N. Santos (“Save Atascadero from socialist tree-huggers” (Letters, Oct. 2, 2008)?

Okay, so this guy wants another Wal-Mart, but his attacking “whale and snail lovers” sounds idiotic beyond belief. As repulsive as such a mindset is to me, and as much as I can’t stand seeing lunacy like this in print, I’ve tried to reframe my perspective by telling myself that perhaps it’s a good thing to allow hate-filled fools to vent their vile nonsense in a letter. I’m rather touchy regarding nutcases right now, since the same day I spotted Santos’ screed, I also read a rambling, demented epistle from a local right wing psychotic here in Los Osos which appeared in our neighborhood weekly, The Bay News. This whack job said Barack Obama is a Muslim and that Congresswoman Lois Capps “wants to make Christianity illegal.”

It’s no wonder somebody like Sarah Palin, who reportedly believes that humans and dinosaurs co-exisited, can energize millions of people. After all, like they say, “She’s one of us!”

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