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Let’s hear it for KCBX


In a letter dated March 10-17, Christopher Ferrantelli discussed the 6 1/2-hour block of KCBX public affairs programming that features material often referred to as “progressive� or “alternative.� The reference to the amount of time devoted to this genre gave the impression that some might consider this excessive.

A tally of the weekly programming hours (from 6 to 1 a.m.) creates a useful comparison: NPR news, 31; jazz, 26.5; classical, 27; other music, 25; talk/entertainment, 11.5, Board of Supervisors, 6. There is also overnight jazz.

For those who have listened to other public radio stations around the country, it becomes obvious that KCBX has established a unique eclectic schedule by mixing many hours of locally created programs with shows that are produced nationally.

There are many that I seldom, if ever, hear and some that I choose not to hear. However, I am grateful that this station has dedicated itself to putting forth a variety of entertaining and often thought-provoking choices.

As chair of the Community Advisory Council for the station, I hope that listeners will continue to make their voices heard and will continue to find enrichment in the bounty that is available.


Crissa Hewitt

San Luis Obispo

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