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Let's be greener now


In the spirit of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, let's do what we can to address climate change.

The Earthcare Committee of St. Benedict's Episcopal Church in Los Osos has identified a menu of actions that people across our county can take. A short list of actions includes no-cost and low-cost steps that you can do while sheltered in place: Take the bus, bike or walk more often for less carbon emissions (and good exercise); eat lower down the carbon chain (less red meat, more fish, chicken, and plants); replace standard light bulbs with LED energy-saving bulbs; exercise your solar choice with PG&E to get carbon-free energy; purchase carbon offsets for air travel to support healthy forests; switch your investments away from fossil fuel stocks to fossil-free ones (e.g. SPYX fund); buy or lease an electric vehicle to reduce CO2 pollution; and install solar panels to save money and reduce emissions.

You'll find additional actions and implementation steps at slogreenchallenge.com. There you can also form your own team and track your results.

Together we can boost our stewardship of the planet and celebrate our successes.

Don Maruska

Los Osos

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