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Let's end this con job




As we see another presidential election campaign come to a close, I must admit that this one had more real political theater than any campaign I can remember. The sight of Romney and Obama circling each other with drawn microphones during the town hall debate is something for the history books.

As a middle-aged voter, I can only wonder if the American people will once again fall for the classic Republican trickle-down con job. But why not? This con has been run for well over 100 years. Let’s cut the taxes of the captains of industry and all the movers and shakers so that they will invent prosperity.

The only problem with this reasoning is that nothing requires the wealthy to invest their windfalls in this country. No, most of it ends up in China, Taiwan, Mexico, or, in Romney’s case, the Cayman Islands. More profits can be made there because of tiny wages, tiny unions, and tiny regulations.

So, how about it, America? Isn’t it about time that we stopped swallowing the con?

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