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Let's get our road-based pride back



“New Scenic Shasta Gorge Highway Boasts 5 Major Bridges in 4.5 Miles. By F. W. HASELWOOD, District Engineer”

“California Scores High Among States for Economy of Road Expenditures”

“Good Roads Paid High Dividends to California in 1931”

These are three headlines taken from the 1931 edition of California Highways and Public Works. I found this while researching an article on public housing and its future for Morro Bay.

But what struck me was the pride held in each of the headlines—something I believe our government enshrined both in the projects it built and in the way they were written about. What concerns me today is where that pride in our government went. We all pulled together for the betterment of all. It was a true manifestation of “one for all, and all for one,” where building and maintaining was good for all.

Today, all we do is argue about the need. We have the needs; they have been ignored too long. Our infrastructure is sadly lacking.

When I was traveling around the world, I was amazed at the level of infrastructure and the quality. South Korean freeways were so similar to the German Autobahn. And in Germany, these Autobahns have been around for a very long time.

Imagine now our Highway 101 near San Francisco. Or the Schuykill I76 in Philadelphia (what locals called the “SureKill!”). These and countless others are in serious need of repair or upgrade. Yes, it’s going to cost, but then think of the jobs, and with good-paying jobs goes more taxes that go into the never-ending circle of life! We need to get our pride back. It’s just another aspect of what makes life worth living!

-- G. M. Robertson Sr. - Morro Bay

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