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Let's go green in Los Osos

Los Osos



Funny how history repeats itself. The early Los Osos Community Services District (CDC) got elected on STEP collection and ponds. Then they succumbed to razzle-dazzle corporate sewer propaganda and wasted millions and six years on a rejected project.

The recent STEP survey was simply a side dance in the County/Carrollo Engineering “evaluation” process. Motivated Dreamers/Taxpayers Watch groupies were out info-tabling over the recent mailer to property owners in the sewer “prohibition” zone, urging people to reject septic/STEP technology and strongly oppose it.

Because the county’s ‘survey’ was so negative about septic tanks, the mailer may have made homeowners respond unknowingly.

Shame on the county team for wasting our taxpayer money on this politically motivated mailer. If they don’t want green, energy-efficient technology, this bureaucracy doesn’t belong in charge of the process and should be removed immediately.

And shame on the small group of ignorant community members who think that old collection technology, that our community cannot afford, is appropriate in these times of progressive change. Whatever their political motivation is ... a STEP collection system will best help our entire community resolve wastewater and water shortage issues at the best price.

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