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Let's modify our housing standards




How inspiring! There is now a free health clinic in San Luis Obispo, serving the county. And it took an Afghan to start it. This is a national story that will bring even more praise to an area known as the “Happiest Place in America.”

But I’m surprised officials don’t understand that it will also lure the distressed here. So we’ll see how long it lasts. But since we seem to be on a roll, with a free food bank, why don’t we start seriously doing something about providing free (or subsidized) housing as well? Makes no sense to “fix-up” the homeless if they are just going to go back to the creek. And shelters are a very short-term solution.

My suggestion: If we can to some degree lower our standards for health care (after all, the clinic won’t have everything), why not modify the onerous building codes that make cabins like Dan De Vaul’s supposedly uninhabitable—despite doors, windows, electricity, sheetrock, and adjacent sanitary facilities. (I’m tired of them being labeled “shacks;” they aren’t). Don’t forget, Fresno homeless have only tool sheds.

This county, now that it has a free health clinic, could be in the forefront of not only housing the homeless, but also aiding the disadvantaged or financially traumatized in general.

Toward that end, I will be presenting a free (of course) Downturn Survival Seminar covering all aspects of living in the “new economy” in January (e-mail billseavey@gmail.com to be on a mailing list—subject line Seminar).

Believe me, it will be very helpful.

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