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Let's raise the level of political discourse


I was listening to the Dave Conglaton show on KVEC. He discussed the SLO County 4th District supervisorial race between incumbent Lynn Compton and challenger Jimmy Paulding. Dave said that a proposed forum featuring these two has been postponed because of scheduling conflicts by the organizers. Dave stated that Lynn chose not to attend the forum and that Jimmy accused her of backing out.

Several of Jimmy's supporters went on Lynn's Facebook page and made similar accusations against her. One particularly nasty supporter called her a coward and troll. This is an excellent example of cyber-bullying, which I thought Progressives opposed. Many campaigns take opportunities to smear opponents with ugly, personal insults instead of debating issues. This does much to discourage people from getting involved in government.

A caller accused Supervisor Compton of being a corportist, a good example of false reasoning called argumentum ad hominem, arguing to the person. Correct reasoning involves arguing issues. If I were to state that Jimmy, supervisors Gibson and Hill were communist, socialist, or fascist, their supporters would object. Let us all raise the level of discourse in all discussions.

Gary L. Kirkland


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