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Let's talk less control and more protection

Arroyo Grande



Since the tragedy in Connecticut, commentary and letters center on more gun “control,” i.e. limiting who can buy guns and what kinds of guns they can own. May I quote a Founding Father? “... to disarm the people is the best and most effective way to enslave them.”—George Mason.

We know this. We have a Second Amendment because of it, yet each time some individual uses a gun rather than some other means of killing, the media and the gun shy repeat, “Too many guns out there; we must pass more laws.” As if laws will stop a single individual whose mindset has focused on violence, much less actual criminals.

What we need to discuss is how we can identify those who might turn to violence—and once we do, what can we do to protect the innocent?

I read an article by the mother of a child who at a young age is so prone to violence, her younger children know to run to the car and lock the doors to protect themselves.

Who or what is helping her to protect that child and those he might endanger?

The discussion ought to be about mental health and safe yet productive environments for those who are not able to socialize well enough to be trusted roaming free.

Let’s get started!

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