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Unicorn beer? It's real! Nearly 18 years after the release of the original Firestone Lager, Firestone Walker Brewing Company is bringing it back—new and improved! The folks at Firestone call it the "unicorn beer" because it offers the same easy-drinking attributes of mass domestic lager, but with pure craft quality and an all-malt pedigree (Firestone Lager is now available at all Firestone Walker locations, and is rolling out this week across the Central Coast and beyond in both draft and six-pack can (12-ounce) formats) ... Web series V is for Vino is all about educating and entertaining the next generation of wine drinkers via an Anthony Bourdain style romps. Check out the latest episode for cameos by Paso Robles stars Tablas Creek Winery, Artisan Restaurant, and more (go to to watch and for more information). Δ

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