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Liberals. Am I right?

The national news media targets Trump, not Clinton



I purposely ignored the Democratic Convention but thoroughly enjoyed its aftermath—the chairman fired, angry supporters after the anti-Sanders rigging was exposed, and the organization Black Lives Matter shouting down a moment of silence for assassinated policemen. Democrats have often accused the Republican Party of being angry, chaotic, and divided, but apparently this is the new normal for the Democratic Party as well.

These are no longer our fathers’ Democrats who told us that if we didn’t work we wouldn’t eat. This is a party that’s been usurped by over-indulgent, self-styled revolutionaries obsessed with political correctness and income inequality—New Age Democrats who have deluded themselves into thinking that everyone deserves the same reward regardless of differences in effort or ability, an idea so amazingly ignorant that if we held a contest for the stupidest idea in politics, it would be the winner hands down.

These people are so obsessed with equality and fairness that one recent commentary in New Times (“What is Balance?” Aug. 25) insisted that the national news media has been treating Hillary Clinton unfairly. Virtually ignoring the fact that Hillary and her sexual-predator husband have been lying to the American people since 1996, as well as the fact that all the mainstream media hyenas have besieged Donald Trump with a relentless, searching scrutiny looking for any obscure inconsistency or misrepresentation, the writer says that the media’s been making too much of all Hillary’s lies and not enough of Trump’s. Everyone knows the media’s been gunning for Trump since day one, everyone who’s been paying attention, that is. I call this method of thinking the Alice in Wonderland Technique, a process that simply relies upon turning the world upside down and distorting everything that is familiar and logical until weak-minded people lose touch with reality and a sense of direction.

Barack Obama, the king of congenital liars, said recently that “Hillary Clinton is most qualified presidential candidate out there, and that’s the truth,” a sweeping statement that is especially ironic since Obama has not only made a mockery of the Constitution but wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him in the face.

All this just goes to show that Hillary Clinton is just another manifestation of Obama’s Grand Illusion, and like him she’s such a great believer that America’s bad, Capitalism’s bad, and Socialism’s good that she will keep telling her lies without any evidence whatsoever except by constant repetition. Also, since liberal solutions are infamous for doubling the problem, make no mistake that if this woman is elected she will continue to vomit the Clinton-Obama poison not only into America’s political arena but throughout the fabric of American life.

Don’t like Trump? Too obnoxious? Too brash? Too un-presidential? Too unpredictable? A loose cannon who won’t compromise and refuses to play the game? Perhaps, but as Judge Jeanine Pirro says, at least he tells it like it is. If you don’t like the truth, vote for Hillary. That way you can experience the Obama nightmare on steroids for four more years while at the same time listening to the death knell for a once-great experiment in liberty, freedom, and self-determination.

Larry Bargenquast is voting Republican in Paso Robles, and he doesn’t like Hillary Clinton. Send comments to the editor at clanham@newtimesslo.com or write a letter to the editor at letters@newtimesslo.com

-- Larry Bargenquast - Paso Robles

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