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Lien on him


Who said anything about political scandal?? Oh, The Tribune did!  I read their editorial of June 20 regarding sheriff candidate Ian Parkinson’s tax liens, and The Tribune’s language sounds like a preemptive strike in defense of their endorsed candidate.

In discussing Parkinson’s tax lien revelation since I first heard the news, my group of voter friends never mentions the word “scandal.” We agree that is for bigger fish; adulterers, cheaters, liars, etc.  What we voters are discussing—after Parkinson answered a caller on the Dave Congalton show, “I think you have the wrong person. I have never had a county tax lien that I’m aware of. I have always paid my taxes”—is that he must have a foggy memory!  

How honorable it is that The Tribune is continuing to stand behind Parkinson, because they’re right. I think most honest, hard-working folks agree that four tax liens from two different counties and six late tax payments (even last year) should not be a matter of concern. Our sheriff is responsible for 375 employees and a $57 million budget, but as Parkinson explained, “I don’t write checks at the police department, nor will I at the sheriff’s department.” More CEOs should take this view!  I’m glad The Tribune editorial educated the voters on how prevalent tax liens are, to head off any thought of their candidate being fiscally irresponsible. Wow, ten percent of tax bills on unsecured property end up with liens! And Parkinson was not even aware of how much company he has at the bottom!   

Heck, I’ve jaywalked and rolled a couple stop signs in my life. What’s a tax lien now and then? And again? And again?

Lucinda Johnson

San Luis Obispo

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