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Linnaea's Macha Green Tea Latte and Madonna Inn's Love Struck Martini


Packed with macha green tea powder (which is, in turn, packed with antioxidants and energizing properties) this bright green latte is as powerful as it is cool to look at. I ordered mine with almond milk, in keeping with green tea’s already earthy, nutty flavor, but you can choose any milk your heart desires. For centuries, when people wanted to get stuff done, they drank green tea. If it’s good enough for Samurai warriors, it’s good enough for me.

Linnaea’s Macha Green Tea Latte—About $4; 1110 Garden St., SLO.

Valentine’s Day might be over, but that doesn’t mean you should go back to boring. Ignite your next date night with a couple of Love Struck martinis and a twirl across the Madonna Inn dance floor. Made with strawberry vodka, strawberry puree, and a dash of champagne, this drink is exactly the same shade as Madonna Inn’s fuzzy, flocked pink wallpaper. Passion pink.

Madonna Inn’s Love Struck Martini—$9; 100 Madonna Rd., SLO.

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