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Linnaea's Marionberry Mocha and Rock Front Ranch's Jujube Tea


Many a Portlandia fan understands the allure of the humble marionberry, a blackberry-olallieberry crossbreed developed at Oregon State University (fun fact). You don’t have to knit sweaters for trees or stand in line for hours outside of that hip new brunch spot to enjoy this sweet treat, which is perfectly cozy when paired with a house mocha and a swirl of frothy, foamy milk. Extra points if you ask your barista to “put a bird on it.” You may or may not get a massive eye roll, though.

• Linnaea’s Marionberry Mocha—$4.90 for a large; 1110 Garden St., SLO.

There’s a first time for everything, right? Last week I experienced a huge superfood first: my first love affair with the delectable jujube (not the movie theater candy), and now I feel positively robbed. How has this ancient Asian fruit—which boasts a 4,000-year history of medicinal benefits—escaped me for a total of 29 years? It’s a good thing that Rock Front Ranch in Santa Maria has an overflowing supply of these sweet, earthy reddish, plum-sized orbs—which, by the way, can be easily steeped into the most delectable tea. All you have to do is grab a bag and boil a few with some fresh ginger and cinnamon for the perfect spicy-sweet winter beverage that is so good for you it’s crazy. A relative of the rose family, the jujube is thought to have cancer-fighting properties, help with liver and spleen function, and produce a rosy, glowing complexion, too. Move over, acai. I’m a jujube woman!

Rock Front Ranch’s Jujube TeaPrice varies; Whole Foods, 1531 Froom Ranch Way, SLO.

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