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Listen, council members

San Luis Obispo



I am a 53-year-old homeless, disabled woman. I would like to be an advocate for the homeless and their rights. I went to a SLO City Council meeting on March 11 at 7 p.m. to speak about us. You think Atascasdero has a three-ring circus for their council (“Welcome to the Circus,” March 12)?  See the one in SLO: They are twice as stupid, contradictory, and deaf. How come their 15 minutes turn into an hour and the audience gets three minutes? I told them that I wasted those three minutes, because they are deaf. They just don’t listen. The discussion concerned businesses and mobile home parks for the elderly. Why doesn’t the city put in motor-home parks and a tent city like in San Francisco? Why not charge rent according to the incomes of homeless people? As for homeless people without a motor home or tent, allow them to camp at the creek bed and install portable toilets, trash cans, and a security guard. I will keep attending council meetings until they finally listen. Until then, leave us alone.

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