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Listen to Michael Peck regarding Diablo



I am amazed at the glib response of NRC/PG&E to the known earthquake hazards at Diablo Canyon Nuclear power plant.

A prominent scientist who discovered the Shoreline fault has clearly stated that there are major sources of uncertainty regarding the fault system near the plant.

There can be no certainty of the safety of the plant when there is insufficient knowledge regarding these faults. Michael Peck, former inspector at Diablo and employee of the NRC, stated the plant needs to be closed down, and he is right.

Read Dr. Hardebeck’s analysis: energy.ca.gov/2013-energy or Google “Faults near DCPP: Sources of Uncertainty; Jean Hardebeck, USGS, SSHAC SSC Workshop, 2013.”

-- Lee A. Caulfield - Los Osos

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