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Sunday Funday starter: SLO Brewing Co. is introducing a line of micheladas to its portfolio with the launch of Tío Rodrigo Craft Beer MicheladasSLO Brew Hefeweizen with tomato juice, lime, and spices. Maybe someday they'll make one with Clamato juice. I know you think I'm gross, but I know it's good—you just haven't figured it out yet. SLO Brew and Tío Rodrigo will host the Ulitmate Cinco de Mayo Fiesta at SLO Brew Rock on May 5 from noon to 8 p.m. (855 Aerovista Lane in San Luis Obispo) to celebrate complete with seven-piece band Mento Buru. Guests should expect a build-your-own michelada bar with chamoy, Tajín, fresh mango, tamarindo sticks, and blood oranges. ... You can get your fiber and dress up that açaí bowl—or vanilla ice cream, if you're anything like me—with a new local chia fix. Heavenly Chia mixes from Dailey Foods, a local plant-based food product development company, are now available at Sunshine Health Foods in Morro Bay, Bliss Cafe and the SLO Natural Foods Co-op in San Luis Obispo, and SLO Veg Local Harvest Delivery. The chia mixes are made in a top eight allergen-free facility in SLO and are gluten-free, vegan, and made with organic ingredients (visit for more information) ... Meathead Wine Storage (an extension of Meathead Movers) is opening a professional-grade wine storage facility in SLO. The 427-unit facility supplements the already existing 92-locker wine storage facility on South Higuera St. With redundant and monitored temperature and humidification systems, a 24-hour video surveillance system, and backup power plan, you can be rest assured that your fermented grape juice (that probably cost a fortune) won't get up and walk away! Meathead is partnering with WineSneak to host a grand opening party for the public on May 3 from 5 to 7 p.m. Head over for some local wine, food, and deals on your very own personal wine storage locker (4468 Broad St., suite 110; prices start at $39 a month). Δ

Editor Camillia Lanham drinks wine too fast to put it in a storage facility. Send your news nibbles to

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