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Lois Capps has my full support

San Luis Obispo


In this time of political sensationalism, candidates with a consistent history of fighting unwaveringly for their constituents stand in the forefront. As a pediatrician working with the at-risk children of our county, I believe that now more than ever, Congresswoman Lois Capps needs to be re-elected this fall. Throughout the heated debates on health care reform, she has maintained herself as a forthright and graceful leader representing the Central and Southern Coasts of California. She has consistently fought to guarantee that you and not your insurance company control your health insurance. Furthermore, she has also fought for proper Medicare reimbursement rates for doctors on the Central Coast to ensure that seniors always have access to the doctor of their choice. Additionally, Congresswoman Capps helped to secure a provision in the House-passed version of health care reform legislation for fairer reimbursement rates for doctors in San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara. Congresswoman Capps has dedicated her career to making the Central and South Coasts healthier, and has my full support.

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