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Look again

SLO County Sitters, Inc.



 I am disappointed that I was not given time to properly address the subject of SLO County Sitters, Inc. closing. I am deeply saddened that the article (“Baby-sitting service closes, owing thousands to families and sitters,” March 12) was focused solely on the negative aspects instead of the positive feedback that I am receiving from baby sitters and clients and on my focus to restructure the company and make things right.

SLO County Sitters, Inc. is much more than just a business to me. I founded SLO County Sitters out of my desires as a mother for child care providers of the highest quality who had been thoroughly screened. In addition, I sought to provide security for our local college students and child care professionals who were advertising their services over the Internet. I believe in our vision of exceptional child care and I put my heart into this company.

This business wasn’t about the money for me. In all honesty, I could have made more money working a local, part-time job. I held on for six months with the economy beating me down weekly. I made personal sacrifices of great proportions to keep the company running for as long as I did. I know in my heart that I gave 110 percent. I have been working night and day to find solutions for my clients and baby sitters. I have supplied each family with a list of baby sitters, which has taken my company over a year and many thousands of dollars to compile, as a peace offering as I devise a plan of action. I have also offered to personally provide child care services to those who have been affected by our closure. I am a victim of the economy and the mounting expenses of being a small business owner.

I have an amazing group of supporters who are by my side every step of the way. A light has been turned on as an amazing team of business professionals have voluntarily come together to restructure the company with the goal of completing sitting contracts with clients and of course, repaying the employees and contractors. Our goal is to have this plan in place within the next few weeks.

In closing, I realize that I have a few upset clients and sitters in the community, however I am committed to correcting this situation. I am not leaving the problem behind; I am here to stay with my head held high. I am not hiding or walking away from the situations at hand. With the help of a volunteer committee that includes professionals such as a financial systems expert, branding and marketing guru, and an attorney, I am now working on the solution and no longer focusing my energy on the problem. The problem is apparent and I will fix it.

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