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Look at Congress when seeking to place blame



The letter published in your Sept. 9 paper, “This is how Republicans take responsibility,” plays the blame game for our present economic problems. As a registered Democrat for more than 45 years, I wish I could agree with him. I don’t! Congress makes the laws! The president signs the legislation into law only after it has passed both the House of Representatives and the Senate. A president can only cheer them on and sign it or refuse to sign it.

As the letter writer correctly states, “… the current Great Recession began in 2007 … .” I’m sorry to admit that my party, the Democrat Party, took over both the House and the Senate on Nov. 7, 2006, and they have had four years to get it right. Obama or Bush had little to do with it—Bush as a two-year lame duck and Obama as a two-year newbie.

Unfortunately, this Democrat-controlled Congress has been preoccupied with health care, changing generals, and global warming while letting our economy go down the drain. This is why we have unemployment of nearly 10 percent, homes being foreclosed, and debt in the trillions. Some of our representatives in the House and Senate, both Democrats and Republicans, have been in office so long that they think of themselves as the elite, ruling class that cares only about themselves and keeping their office.

The letter writer concludes, “Be careful who you vote for.” I agree with that!

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