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Look for the common thread and get them out of office


What is the common denominator of every city, town, and state in dire straits of economic poverty, homeless populations, slums, high crime, and food stamp recipients? Where unemployment, a lack of affordable housing, the poorest educated students even though the schools have high dollar costs per student, and every other negative social disaster that reduces the fabric of good living. Think about it: What is it? Ask yourself what is common in these cities and towns, who has had the political power of that city or state control for years, who has been making the rules, laws, and regulations. Who is it that is against the values of a free, Christian America? Who preaches hate and is constantly trying to pit brown against white, yellow against red. Isn't it time to change who you vote for, time to drain the swamp, time to do something different? Look who has done more for minorities without jobs than any other politician. Isn't it time to vote for someone else, someone from the other party?

Edward Veek


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