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Look into workamping




One of the cross-country trends right now is the “Workamper” movement. Workampers are people who drive RVs around the country to various temporary jobs and park their vehicles in trailer camps (some provided by the employer). There are many websites that advertise hundreds of positions for these workampers. The jobs range from Amazon and Walmart warehouse workers to various BLM and park workers.

Information can be obtained at workamper.com or work-camping.com. You can Google for a fuller list. (No computer? Go to the library.)

My suggestion is for the police to pass out a flyer with this information along with their citations for illegal parking.

SLO County does not have the financial resources nor physical services to set up programs for RV dwellers who have been turfed out of other counties and whose sole purpose for being here is to hang in the pleasant weather. There are no large employers in SLO, as in other states. And these people have no ties to the community.

Additionally, I note that several of these RV dwellers are smokers who drive around all day wasting gas to avoid the cops. My suggestion is to check for workamping availabilities, quit smoking to save money, and drive to a destination out of town with job prospects SLO cannot provide.

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