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Look where Reaganomics brought us




Thank you, thank you, Jim Duenow (“Beware of the soulless corporations,” April 28). Someone finally has put the whole damnable corporate position into eloquent full view. I am tearing out this piece for my own use in telling people what I see and what I believe to be the truth about corporations.

If Reaganomics had been a workable economic method for this country, then we would be in great shape, since that particular “nomics” has been, more or less, in effect since the ’80s. Strip the safety nets, send capital upwards to where capital already is, declare corporations the model for human life and transactions.

We can see where it has gotten us: We are a deteriorating world power, drowning in our own excesses and fouling our (only) nest. We are in peril, morally and financially, and I think I can see why. Can you?

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