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Looking for credibility?

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Here's a thought. Al Fonzi probably would like New Times readers to take him seriously. Mr. Fonzi's defenders claim to want diversity of opinion. Both are possible.

In order to have credibility and diversity, Mr. Fonzi needs a new approach. He needs to stop writing opinion pieces that simply spin political ideology. These monologues are long-winded, say very little, and leave readers tired. Most readers, like myself, are turned off by the same old rant. There's an alternative.

Mr. Fonzi needs to wade into the deep end of the pool and offer practical, credible solutions to issues like gun violence, the opioid epidemic, homelessness, north San Luis Obispo County water sustainability. If he were to address these issues, I think he'd discover his audience to be much more receptive. Most people would respect an effort to offer an honest solution to one of the above mentioned problems even if they didn't necessarily agree. This is how dialogues are started that lead to real progress.

Steve Ryburn



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