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Los Osos does not need a gold-plated sewer

Los Osos



The county’s public works department, under Paavo Olgren, is still determined to spend more money for more studies for the Los Osos Wastewater Project, instead of using common sense. He is still pursuing the $250-million stinking gravity sewer that the people of Los Osos voted down a few years ago by throwing three CSD directors out of office. Affordability is not in his vocabulary. Whereas the Step/Stag system is one-third the cost of a gravity sewer, very little time has been spent on implementing a full study of it. Why?

Given the present economic condition of this nation, state, and county, Los Osos homeowners’ and renters’ budgets are stretched to the limit. Discretionary funds have disappeared for everyone on fixed, low, and medium incomes. With home prices down at least 25 percent, equity in homes has greatly diminished. The county’s staff should stop telling homeowners to get an equity line. With an equity line, there would be extra monthly payments to pay to a lender. An equity line is used as collateral for a loan, not cash in your pocket.

Soon, the county supervisors must make a final decision. If they choose the most expensive gravity sewer, at least 3,000 homeowners and renters will have their lives devastated with a one-way ticket to the desert.

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