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Los Osos must fight for an affordable solution


As SLO County is about to take over the dreaded Los Osos sewer plan again, I have to ask myself some questions. Why should I vote for a tax assessment on my home when the amount is absolutely unaffordable per month? I refuse to tax myself out of my home! How will the local economy react when a large portion of Los Osos residents realize that they cannot afford a sewer payment of $200 a month or $150 for that matter?

The "for sale" signs are up now, reduced-priced I see. I hope our community, one in which I have lived 29 years, will see that we must find some kind of method to our state's madness, and fight for an affordable solution. Otherwise, we will face an economic cleansing, of which we have never seen before.

Eric Zatt
Los Osos

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