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Los Osos sets the standard for water conservation



I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our Los Osos Community Services District water customers who are taking extraordinary measures to conserve water. Placing buckets in showers and sinks, letting lawns go brown, and businesses only serving water upon request, our customers are setting a shining example for the rest of the state during this drought. While the district isn’t mentioned in many statewide water conservation articles because of our small size, our customers conserved the fourth highest amount of water of those numbers listed on the state report for the month of June 2015. The reduction in production for the month of June 2015 when compared to the baseline of June 2013 was 48 percent. That is impressive!

Typically, July is our highest production month, but preliminary figures show that our customers stepped up to conserve, using 38 percent less water when compared to July 2014. Los Osos has earned its water conservation tagline: “Together we can bear it.” Thank you for doing your part to help save our basin from overdraft and seawater intrusion.

-- Kathy Kivley - general manager, Los Osos CSD

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