Los Osos standoff


Sheriff's deputies used non-lethal force to subdue a man who barricaded himself and his sister in his Los Osos apartment. Deputies were dispatched to 943 1/2 Nipomo, the residence of Charles Hunt, after his family members contacted authorities. Hunt made several threats against the deputies when they tried to get him to vacate the apartment, according to a Sheriff's Department press release.

Hunt finally opened to door and threatened deputies with a "large sharp garden implement." It's not clear exactly what kind of implement Hunt was wielding but deputies were able to subdue the man with the use of non-lethal pepper balls. "After being shot with the pepper balls, Hunt dropped the implement and charged the deputies in a very aggressive manner."

A "brief scuffle" ensued and the deputies received minor injuries, all parties were seen by medical professionals. Hunt was booked and remained in custody as of 10/31. The deputies returned to work.


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