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Los Osos: Who’s responsible?


SLO County must wonder what is going on out in Los Osos. How did the cost of the sewer become $162 million? Why did Los Osos want to build a sewer plant in the middle of town? Who would spend almost $20 million without a building permit in hand? Whatever happened to the “better, faster, cheaper� sewer the residents were promised?

Why is Los Osos starting another recall when the last one didn’t work? Why did the fire department need a new fire tax? Why did South Bay Fire Department financially fail? Why are the former fire chief and general manager now involved in a gender harassment lawsuit?

Who is responsible? What are the answers?

One name rises to the surface: Bruce Buel, the LOCSD general manager. In just five short years, this overpaid, non-elected bureaucrat has effectively destroyed the neighborhood feeling that has endured for so many years. What should be done?

Fire the general manager, and allow Los Osos to start to return a common-sense approach to building our much-needed sewer. Please sign the recall petitions. Your participation will let Los Osos reevaluate this situation before we borrow $162 million for the wrong reasons.

Tom Salmon

Baywood Park

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