Luke and Mitch Gaalswyk, co-owners of Trinity Cyclery

1343 W. Grand Ave, Grover Beach


NEW TIMES: How long has Trinity Cyclery been established?

GAALSWYK: We’ve been here for four years now as of last November. My brother and I are very passionate about riding, and I happened to stumble across the old shop that was previously located here. I spoke with the previous owner, and we joked around with the idea of buying the place, and he was being honest about it, so here we are.

NEW TIMES: What’s the new trend in bicycles?

GAALSWYK: More of the bicycle manufacturers are producing custom-made bikes to suit the needs of the customer. The companies that produce these bikes can make the perfect bike for anyone according to their height, weight, and physical needs.

NEW TIMES: What about the bike itself: Are people purchasing more carbon- fiber bikes over aluminum or steel?

GAALSWYK: Carbon fiber is making a huge impact on the bicycling world. Carbon fiber is incredibly strong and lightweight, and is a viable material for bikes in general. Today carbon fiber is the standard for most new bikes. However, both steel and aluminum are still being used for professional bikers.

NEW TIMES: Do more customers prefer mountain bikes or beach cruisers?

GAALSWYK: We have a very diverse community of bikers in this area, common throughout San Luis Obispo County. We cater to the hardcore mountain-bike enthusiast as well as professional BMX riders. We have tons of beach cruisers to offer for an enjoyable ride throughout the cities, as well as bicycles for families who visit on vacation, just to name a few types.


NEW TIMES: What excites the bike community?

GAALSWYK: The Tour of California is notable throughout this county. This year it has been delayed. Traditionally the tours run around February or March, but this year the tour will be from May 16 through 23

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