Mad thugs and Englishman


When Nicholas Quince came to sleepy San Luis Obispo from London, England, he probably expected a peaceful respite from the British metropolis plagued in recent months by deadly subway bombings. While the scenic Central Coast welcomes most visitors with open arms, Quince was greeted instead by closed fists that landed repeatedly on his face.

In the early hours of Saturday, Dec. 17, near the corner of Monterey and Santa Rosa streets, Quince was reportedly accosted by two young men with shaved heads and black clothing. The two men knocked Quince to the ground, pummeled his face, and ran off with his wallet.

Quince quickly flagged down a police officer, reported the theft, and pointed at two men running eastward down Monterey Street. Officers easily caught up with and apprehended Daniel Hodges, 23, and James Hansen, 24, both of San Luis Obispo. Quince positively identified the suspects, who were then arrested for strong armed robbery. The wallet and its contents were found along their escape route.

Quince reclaimed his possessions, declined medical attention for his face, and left the scene with a new appreciation of American law and order.

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