Majid Bennis - Chef at Crepes de Provence


NEW TIMES: Where are you from?

BENNIS: Morocco.

NEW TIMES: What brought you to the U.S?

BENNIS: I studied film in Europe and believed that anyone make it big in the American film industry, so I moved to New York and tried to work as a cameraman. I learned that I had a better chance of winning the lottery than making it in movies.

NEW TIMES: What got you into the restaurant business?

BENNIS: Survival. I was trained to cook in France. Then I worked at the famous John’s Grill, home of the Maltese Falcon, in San Francisco for eight years.

NEW TIMES: Why crepes?

BENNIS: This area needed something new besides burgers and Mexican food.

NEW TIMES: What kind of crepes do you serve?

BENNIS: Our crepes are inspired by and pay homage to the southeastern region of French Provence that borders the Mediterranean. Crepes are our specialty, but we also have omelettes and sandwiches and something for everybody at a very affordable price.

NEW TIMES: How has business been since you opened only a month ago?

BENNIS: We had a good start. We already have some regular faces and we’re looking forward to Cal Poly students returning later this month.

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