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Make a school better

Dana Elementary volunteer, Nipomo



When you drive west on Tefft Street, past the Nipomo public library, please notice Dana Elementary and the gorgeous mural designed and painted by kindergarten parent, Jennifer Marsh. Volunteers will soon be working on five other outdoor murals depicting students’ art work.

During Spring Break, I spent the majority of five days creating the 6th grade mural from numerous submissions of art and stories by Dana Elementary students. As a senior citizen, I had renewed energy each day simply by using my talents and giving back to the children. I hope you will volunteer to do the same.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or a kind person with no connection to the school, would you dedicate a few hours of your week to help refurbish Dana Elementary? You would be so appreciated here. Can you repair a broken picnic table, paint a wall, refurbish an outdoor garden, or renew an outdoor classroom? If not, would you send some funds to help us buy materials?

I am a product of public education. I bet the majority of you reading this are too. I am not sure why our public school structures have been allowed to deteriorate to the point that wood is rotting, metal is rusting, and paint is peeling, but this grandma won’t sit idly by and watch this school crumble. I have no relatives attending this school, but this school belongs to our entire community. Will you help make this school better? Please volunteer your time and talents.

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