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Make good choices


The ability to focus on what's essential helps us weave a strong life fabric. We must concern ourselves with what's truly important and let the rest fall by the wayside, unburdening us so we can keep a strong pace on our path through life. It's easy to become complacent, doing what's expected because we're surrounded by others who tell us it's "right." But how do we know? We look deeper.

We show by our actions what we truly value. We say we love our neighbor, but did we show them kindness when we disagreed? We say we value safety, but did we consider that what makes us feel safe may be the opposite for someone else? We say every voice counts, but did we seek to understand the voices that didn't sing the song we were dancing to?

It's December and, while not everyone celebrates Christmas, it's as good an opportunity as any to pull the curtains of our hearts wide open and see whether we have truly been listening to the signal, or been distracted by the noise. Our choices affect our outcomes. So decide what's really important to you, and make good choices.

Micha'elah Malmen

San Luis Obispo

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