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Make the best of what's still around


The controversy concerning the pole sign at Zaki’s Golden Waffles on Calle Joaquin has me wondering about its historical significance.  While the proliferation of such signs necessitated ordinances prohibiting them, does our landscape need to be sterilized of them?  Is our city so unbending and Orwellian that we cannot appreciate a modicum of nonconformity?  While we don’t want to look like Southern California, is nondescript standardization our goal?  To totally erase the past denies us our heritage.   As the original pole for this sign is still standing, with the majority of its height blocked by trees from the freeway, and its setback conceals its prominence from Calle Joaquin, what code of decency does it violate? 

  I would like to see the original pole used for signage than some newly contrived replacement.  The original fits with the building, the lot, and the history of the location.

Terry Mohan 

San Luis Obispo

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