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Making progress at La Loma

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I can report that the La Loma Adobe at 1590 Lizzie St. no longer "sits forlornly" as Allan Cooper described in a commentary on Feb. 7 ("Demolition by neglect"). For a while after the property was dedicated in 1995 to the city, progress was slow, but in 1998 the city commissioned an architectural history report that laid out the path to stabilization and eventual restoration. Starting in 2010, the city funded the first stage of structural and seismic improvements that would arrest its deterioration. City staff later encouraged the formation of a Friends group that is now active in building community support to protect the adobe.

The Friends of La Loma Adobe has commissioned an archeological surface survey, created a concept plan for the grounds, and is bringing back historically appropriate and native plants, while removing non-natives and exotics, as well as supervising construction of internal scaffolding and an improved roof. The city has trimmed the trees near the adobe to reduce fire danger and erected a kiosk for which Friends researched and designed the history panels. Most recently, Friends partnered with the city and submitted a preliminary state grant application. The award would fund rehabilitation of the adobe and re-plastering of the exterior as first steps in restoring the structure to provide a compatible use while protecting its historical integrity.

Friends is an all-volunteer nonprofit, logging more than 1,200 hours last year. How can you help bring the adobe back to life? Check out our new website (lalomaadobe.org/), donate (P.O. box 13253, SLO 93406), or come by the adobe on Friday mornings starting at 8:30 a.m. and roll up your sleeves.

Bob Jorgensen


Friends of La Loma Adobe


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