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Maldonado is the best choice

Santa Maria



We are rapidly approaching national election time, and, if you care, it is time to make up your mind on who is best to represent the Central Coast.

Lois Capps is a nice older lady who votes straight liberal and spends her time explaining to constituents what their benefits are.

Abel Maldonado is a local rancher who has been involved in virtually every area of Central Coast politics and is ideally suited to represent the interest of commerce, as well as the people.

The mudslinging of the competition is concerned with his disagreement with the IRS. As a former businessman who was audited five times, let me say that reporting income is not always clear. It depends on how the government is interpreting law at the moment.

Maldonado is also accused of siding with the liberals in Sacramento. In a state run by Democrats, you either go along or the government stands still.

I hope that those who read this think about whether we need a nice lady or a dedicated rancher/politician representing the Central Coast.

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