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Many Templeton residents know mental illness is treatable



We were disappointed that the article “What’s he building in there?” in the Jan. 25 New Times did not contain any comment by those of us in Templeton who strongly support the proposed behavioral health hospital.

We are 45-year residents of the county, and have lived the last 18 in Templeton. The need for mental-health services, and specifically for voluntary acute treatment beds in our area, is great. We have had personal family experience with mental illness, as well as friends, neighbors, and co-workers in need of help. Having this facility located in our county would mean more effective treatment could be offered in shorter time.

Mental illness is treatable and when persons have the medical expertise and facilities available locally. They can return as soon as possible to being productive community members. This makes our county a better place for all of us to live.

-- Susan and John Armstrong - Templeton

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