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Marijuana enforcement wastes police resources

Washington, D.C.



 Speaking as a retired police detective with more than 18 years of experience in the trenches enforcing marijuana prohibition, I say Norm Jackson’s commentary (“Legalizing marijuana makes no sense,” June 17) missed many key points on the issue of prohibition. I responded to about 1300 calls generated by the use of alcohol, including homicide, suicide, and rape. Marijuana, which does not provoke violence, produced zero calls in those 18 years. Anyone who switches from alcohol to marijuana will make for a safer world.

 Public safety is dramatically reduced by every hour we chase a non-problem-causing cannabis smoker, which means we miss such deadly DUIs as the driver who killed Jackson’s sister. Chasing pot smokers and their suppliers is a horrific waste of our time. The police cannot stop bad choices; only family and friends can.

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