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Mark Stablein - Cal Poly senior, creator of the short film The Lost Day (Showing at the Palm, Sunday at 11 a.m.)


NEW TIMES: What made you want to make films?

MARK STABLEIN: Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to make movies. There’s no film major at Cal Poly, so I’m an art and design photography major. The film started as a project for an English class that highlights a different director each quarter. This quarter it was David Lynch.

NEW TIMES: What is The Lost Day about?

MARK STABLEIN: It’s a mystery about a man who has lost something, and his journey to find something he has lost or misplaced. It takes place in an abandoned hotel in California. Part of it is set on the beach.

NEW TIMES: How many actors are in this short film, and where did you get them?

MARK STABLEIN: There’s a cast of three. Two of them are friends, from Cal Poly’s art department. The lead actor, Rusty Peters, is someone I hadn’t met before until this project.

NEW TIMES: Is filmmaking something you’d like to pursue?

Absolutely. I love it.

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