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Marketplace voting made simple


I noticed a great deal of confusion about The Marketplace, so I came up with a simple questionnaire to help the undecided make up their minds:

Do you believe that out-of-county developers have SLO's best interests at heart?

Do you believe that it is okay for out-of-county developers to try to block a special election on the issue?

Do you think it is okay for our city to contribute $45 million over the next 30 years for the big boxes' infrastructure and location problems?

Do you think that a thriving downtown is less important than the number of big boxes available nearby?

Do you believe that your homes are going to retain their value if half the downtown is boarded up?

Do you think the quality of life presently enjoyed by most people in SLO is less important than your right to shop at nearby big boxes?

Would you prefer to live in Los Angeles or Texas (the home of the developers) rather than SLO?

If you answered yes to most questions, vote yes. If you answered no to most questions, vote no. Easy, isn't it?


Odile Ayral

San Luis Obispo

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